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Display your industry knowledge through our content curation and marketing solutions


Establish your thought leadership and subject matter expertise

Display your industry knowledge on specific topics and earn relevant audience base

Whitepapers are a proven tool of content marketing with which you can demonstrate your industry knowledge and educate your audiences regarding various products, relevant research results or technology-related issues.


Technology expert authors

Qualified content creators

Embedded and rich user driven content

Increased product exposure

PDF format e-files

Landing page and registration page (optional)


Promote thought leadership

Create brand awareness

Generate high quality leads

Show your product/ technology expertise

Manage lead lifecycle (generated via registration and landing pages)


Video Blogs

The next level of blogging

Let your content speak with high-quality video blogs

Video blogs add a pinch of newness to your otherwise regular content. What people listen, remember for a long. Hence, Drive19 sites allow you to develop and promote your video blogs on various industry-related hot-topics.


Complete project management from video creation to its publication

Curated with highly engaging content elements like animated graphics, audio and voiceover

Clients can directly share their video blogs to be published

Promotion on social media handles

Inclusion in e-newsletters


Increased product awareness

Lead generation

Brisk and highly targeted content

Brand building



A picture is worth a thousand words

Create highly engaging and memorable content with simple infographics

Infographics are among the most interesting methods of engaging with your audience. The animated content elements embedded in infographics backed with crisp content, can get your audience sit up and take notice of what you want to convey to them.


Complete management of project

Custom made content with inclusion of client ideas

Responsive – optimized for mobile-friendly access

Social media promotion and e-newsletter inclusion


Directed information about the product

Brand and product awareness

Social sharing for maximum impact

Increased traffic

Visual content promotes increased sharing


E- Newsletters

Educational and engaging content delivered right in the inbox

Thoughtfully curated content, marketed to Drive 19 audience to educate them about your brand and to maximize your business

Drive19 helps your content reach the right set of target audience. Highly customized, curated content educates them about your brand and product and helps you stay on top of their mind. We do that by keeping your target audience in mind.

Program Details

Customized frequency of email blast

1 newsletter a month

Properly planned, curated content in newsletter

Make use of opt-ins for lead generation (optional)


Lead generation

Brand awareness

Marketing and promotion

Thought leadership


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