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Facebook Live

Make maximum impact on your prospects and customers with live interview

Connect with your prospects and customers by streaming live through a powerful social platform – Facebook

Get the chance to interact live with your audience. We give you the chance to upload live from within any conference using Facebook Live.

Program Details

A dedicated manager who will work along with you to deliver the right message to the audience.

Industry expert moderator to associate with sponsor for making an impactful video.

Marketing and promotion via social media handles, emails, newsletters etc.

Pre-event promotion via Add to calendar link.

Complete set-up of video broadcasting.


Facebook audience extension reach

Brand awareness

Broadcast via your Facebook page for maximum impact

Facebook Live

In-Person Events

A memorable way to make a lasting impression on your prospects and customers

Get connected with the right attendees and extend the reach of your brand by interacting with them on a one to one basis

In-person events are among the most effective ways to form connections. A one to one interaction lets you build rapport with your leads and build trust for your brand. Drive19 helps you conduct in-person events ranging from conferences to seminars.

Program Details

Develop content for the event sessions.

Development of website to manage event registration.

Development of the marketing materials.

Development of event summary report and its distribution via social media handles


Lead generation

Building personalized connections

Helps in creating brand awareness

in person events

Virtual Event

Bring your prospects on an interactive platform – educate, network or promote yourself easily

Increase your potential audience without cost or space limitations

Virtual events help you increase your brand reach in a highly cost-efficient manner. You can attract a number of attendees and either educate them or simply network with them or promote your services, sitting in the comfort of your office. An online event removes expenses associated with booking hotels and travelling.

Due to the ease of attending, virtual events attract a larger number of attendees who get the opportunity to engage and interact with industry thought leaders at one place.

Program Details

Complete management of event with real-time chat with the attendees.

Lead management including lead nurturing and conversion.

Availability of resources.

Recording of event and pre/post event promotion through social media channels.


Generating leads

Promoting thought leadership

Delivering information

Cost efficiency

virtual event


Deliver technical know-how to geographically disperse audience

Attract more audience – reinforce your expertise, educate prospects about your technology / service benefits and promote your brand

Webinars are the best way to connect to a large audience – it’s like a face-to-face interaction session with your prospects and customers.

Program Details

Webinar length – up to 1 hour with facility for live Q&A.

Streamlined production and recording of webinar.

Inclusion of marketing elements.

Ability to convert into executive summary for further outreach.

Count of attendees reporting post webinar completion.

Distribution on social media platforms.


Attracting audience and generating leads.

Increasing ROI.

Direct placement of message in front of target audience who are the industry experts and leaders.


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