Lead Programs

Reach your potential clients through our result-oriented lead generation services

Account Based Marketing

Effectively engage with key decision makers

Aim for decision makers and define high-value accounts

With our Account Based Marketing (ABM) solution, get in touch with the key decision makers and top brass in an effective manner to generate more leads. Our vast database of subscribers include top CIOs, CTOs and other decision makers.

Program Details

Provide us with the type of customers or companies you want to target.

We will match the companies with our customer database and create a list that suits your requirement.

Based on your defined criteria, we will create a marketing strategy – shoot email, newsletters, ads etc. to this selected list.

You will get high-quality leads through the marketing campaign from the account(s).


Target based marketing

Asset-based marketing

Pre/post event engagement

Lead generation & management

Account Based Marketing

Asset Syndication

Your assets, our email marketing – right buyers

The perfect platform to help your assets get the right exposure

Drive19 will help you manage your lead generation program at all levels, leveraging our rich audience base.

You can simply share the assets and we will make sure that it reaches maximum audiences through email marketing promotions, banners, ads etc.

Program Details

Email blasts to all active subscribers of our sites.

Display ads and banners for brand exposure.

Social media promotions.

Content syndication on our sites.

Creation of registration page and promotion of assets to the audience.

Lead generation including information like name, mobile, email, company, designation, company size etc.

Regular reports to keep you updated.


Content Promotion

Maintaining lead quality and quantity

Promotion of new products and services.

Assets include:



White papers



Content Syndication

Engage contacts, generate interest, get quality leads

Let your content reach a larger set of audience for increasing the quality and quantity of leads

Content Syndication helps marketers touch-base a relevant number of audience to promote their content pieces like white papers, eBooks to drive engagement and increase lead quality. Drive19 powered sites have a rich active subscribers list, that will help you in content syndication.

Program Details

Lead focused email strategy

DHN / Wire19 audience base

Editorial expertise of Drive19’s documentation team

Designing included in package


New products and service promotion

Driving quality leads

Driving event attendance

Promotion of content

Better understanding of the consumer


Lead Engagement and Nurturing

Accelerate lead generation, get to know your prospect journey better

Manage and nurture your generated leads so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity

Leads generated need to be nurtured based on which stage they are and whether the customer is in buying mode or not. We help you do that. We share summary report upon completion of any event so that you can easily follow-up depending upon message or interest shown by the prospect.

Programs Details

Target Drive19 audience

Co-branding with Drive19 sites

Generation of content to be distributed to inform/educate/engage/convert

Creation of landing pages for lead capturing

Lead reporting

Drive19 will help you create content in form of eBooks, whitepapers or infographics.


Better lead management and revenue generation.



Deliver technical know-how, trends, challenges to geographically disperse audience

A personal way to reach out to your prospects

We can help you organize podcasts to reach out to the right audience, and discuss about latest industry trends, key technologies, bottlenecks and much more.

Program Details

20-30 minutes audio telecast of the event alongside our industry expert

Pre-event marketing and promotion through – social media handles, e-newsletters, email blasts etc.

Lead generation

On-demand access to podcast’s recorded version.

Benefits of Podcasts

Chances of high-lead generation

Flexibility to both – speakers and listeners, as no physical presence is necessary, listen on the go

Easy, cost-efficient and highly impactful way of delivering your product or service message to the right audience.



Reach geographically disperse audience on one to one basis

A chance to get acquainted with your audience in a live environment

Our Webchat program allows you to connect with your audience in a live chat session. The chat will run for 20-30 minutes, where you can talk to your prospects or customers through a live chat, discuss about product queries and give them answers instantly.

Programs Details

20 to 30-minute-long live web chat session hosted by a brand representative

Speaking opportunity for only one representative. Event marketing and promotion through social media, email, e-newsletters etc.

On-demand access to recorded webchat

Lead generation and management

Management of registrants.


Lead generation and accumulation

Brand awareness

Brand message transmission

Leveraging expert opinions



Deliver technical know-how to geographically disperse audience

Attract more audience – reinforce your expertise, educate prospects about your technology / service benefits and promote your brand

Webinars are the best way to connect to a large audience – it’s like a face-to-face interaction session with your prospects and customers.


Webinar length – up to 1 hour with facility for live Q&A.

Streamlined production and recording of webinar.

Inclusion of marketing elements.

Ability to convert into executive summary for further outreach.

Count of attendees reporting post webinar completion.

Distribution on social media platforms.

Benefits of Podcasts

Attracting audience and generating leads.

Increasing ROI.

Direct placement of message in front of target audience who are the industry experts and leaders.


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