Research Options

Project your brand as the market leader through our customized market research solutions

Customized Research

Gain a competitive advantage in the market by knowing the trends firsthand

Understand your customers in a better way, find your target market, offer the right product and service

Research is an integral part of organizational content strategy. It gives in-depth information to expand your reach to newer markets, understand the customer requirements better and refine your product marketing strategy. By publishing your own research, your brand gets to project itself as a thought leader in the market.

Program Details

Developed by experienced research professionals.

Research conducted and report prepared based on your needs.

End-to-end management from collection of data to setting up of hypothesis to selecting research methodology till final generation of report.

Inclusion of data statistics to support the research.


Increasing brand credibility

Lead generation

Survey regarding new product

Projecting yourself as a thought leader

custom reserch

Market Research

Get international standard market research for a wide range of industries

Get closer to what’s new in the industry and get ahead of your competitors

Drive19’s Market Research professionals stick to the highest industry standards conducting number of proprietary and custom research studies for suppliers, service providers and other industry verticals.

Our clients get important information from our websites regarding latest industry trends, competition, test products, and they get insightful data to take important business decisions.

Program Details

Developed by experienced research professionals

Research conducted and prepared based on your need

End-to-end management of research from collection of data, setting up of hypothesis, selecting research methodology till final generation of report.

Inclusion of data statistics to support the research.


Increasing brand credibility

Lead generation

Information regarding new product.


Online Focus Group

Because nothing can give you better feedback than discussion with audience in real time

Get into real-time discussions with clients and decision makers to gain useful insights

Online focus group brings the flexibility of in-person discussion while removing the place restrictions. Clients and customers can simply login from anywhere and participate in the discussion. The online platform allows the moderator and the clients to keep a tab on all the participants through a single screen.

Program Details

Up to 60 minutes long discussion.

One moderator for up to 10 participants.

Help in conducting sessions and moderator training is taken care of by us.

Sessions are recorded to be made available on-demand and circulated via social media handles.


Get customer feedback directly and know their pain points.

Gain useful industry insights by inviting industry leaders.

Attract the right audience for direct lead generation.

Learn the major challenges and setbacks of your industry vertical.

Improve your brand’s credibility and authority in the market.


Insights + Market Research

Relevant research by seasoned subject matter experts

Insightful market research to engage your target audience

Drive19’s informative research covers all important and trending topics. The research is conducted by our experienced professionals and experts who add all the important elements to make it informative and engaging for the readers.

Our informational sites cover the trending technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, cloud and also cover latest trends in different industries, including web hosting, datacenters and many others.

The co-branded report will be developed by Drive19 to bring leads and will be promoted via our social media handles, emails, e-newsletters, banners, ads etc.

Content marketing collateral

Comprehensive coverage with meaningful insights

Analysis by industry experts

Lead generation

Brand credibility

Brand awareness

We develop proprietary and sponsored reports.


Strategic Insights

Business Intelligence based insights to help you formulate future strategies

Develop an effective marketing plan depending upon the type of audience you want to target

Audience centered marketing lets you create actionable marketing plans through strategic insights. A group of experienced analysts use business intelligence techniques to create impactful marketing programs.

Program Details

Get to know about brand and product perception.

Define key target audience.

Includes real time and proprietary data.

Lead generation.

Reduction in lead wastage.

Search engine optimization to identify keywords and target the right service.


Reduce wasted data.

Build trust and credibility with your audience.

Learn, absorb and respond to trends quickly.

Drive profitable marketing programs.

Establish thought leadership.


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